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Monday, March 31, 2008

I Think I Found My New Theme Song...

Saturday, March 29, 2008

With Regards to Last Night's Post...

I forgot to mention that many of you have just seen strong hints about your future Christmas gifts.

If you have color preferences, send them now!

Friday, March 28, 2008

This year I've been learning to knit, and am really having fun! I've never been the kind of person to sit and do just one thing at a time. So knitting is a perfect fit for my need to constantly fidget and do something relatively productive.

In school, I'd read a book under my desk and listen to the teacher (yes, I was actually listening and taking notes) at the same time. It drove my teachers nuts. When I watch tv, I'm working on a project. When I listen to sermons, I'm taking notes and drawing in the margins.

My knitting repertoire is very limited. So far I can make hats, scarves, and mittens. But my friend and teacher Mrs. D. is wonderfully patient, and teaches me something new to make every time I visit her.

Below, Colson shows off his "Viking-colored scarf" and a very pointy watch-cap. He looks like a little gnome in that hat. Or a conehead.

This is one of a series of watch-caps I've made for the boys. It's the same pattern used to make watch-caps for "Master and Commander." The caps look very nice on handsome Hollywood actors, but I find that adorable four year-olds can pull them off quite well.

Braden was not thrilled with holding still to model a scarf.

I managed to convince him to try to smile.

Braden and Brogan wanted mittens out of this colorful yarn. The flash on my camera muted the color a bit; they're pretty bright. Braden's pair are finished, and Brogan's pair are nearly done - they just need thumbs.

Here's Brogan modeling his scarf and one of a pair of navy blue mittens I'm making. I haven't added the thmbs yet. I don't like doing thumbs - they're quick to do, but you have to knit in such a small circle that my hands get tired easily. So I knit both mittens and add the thumbs at the end.

And a matching scarf for Hubert.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Technorati Post.... Nothing to See.......

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Thursday, March 20, 2008

OK, THIS is the videopalooza!

I meant to post some of these last night, but got sidetracked by embarrassment. or rather, my lack of it.

Darin's comment in yesterday's post reminds me that at least one person who reads this blog knows a lot about my own embarrassing moments from my youth, and hopefully he will keep them to himself!

Ok, here are some of the videos we've enjoyed over the last couple of weeks.

1. Taylor Mali presenting "Like, You Know." This guy has a few videos out there, but this one is my favorite and addresses one of my biggest pet peeves.

2. How to Fit In At Any Church. An instructional video for anyone who is unfamiliar with "church culture." The boys and I thought this was funny. M. , not so much. Roll your dice and take your chances with this one.

3. The Waldo Ultimatum We're big fans of the "Bourne" series here, and loved this take on the final movie.

4. "Charlie Bit Me!" As Grover would say, this video is cute and adorable.

5. This last one has gotten a lot of play around this house. It's simply titled "Blood" and is completely family friendly.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008



It's been awhile since I've posted. Why, you ask? Well, because I haven't gotten my act together enough to blog. Nothing really exciting has happened recently, and while I do have a couple of family-related posts I need to add, I'm not quite ready to do that yet.

Not only has nothing interesting happened to us lately, but nothing embarrassing has happened either. Ordinarily that would be a good thing, but for me embarrassment is a blog staple. I kind of miss it.

I've come close to embarrassing myself over the past couple of weeks. For example, I sent an e-mail to my pastor and had meant to tell him that having both M. and me at church at two different times on the same evening would require a bit of "vehicle choreography." Instead I typed "vehicle horeography."

See? Amusing, but not embarrassing.

I tend to give other people their most embarrassing moments, rather than give them to myself.

For the past 20 years, whenever my college roommate D. has been asked "What's your most embarrassing moment?" she begins by responding, "Hillary and I were......"

(Side note: For the past 20 years, when I tell about D.'s most embarrassing moment I cannot tell the story without laughing so hard my sides ache, I cannot breathe, and tears stream down my face. Recently I was telling Braden this story while driving on the Interstate, missed my exit, and ended up on a 30 minute detour on the turnpike. Yikes!)

Were you to ask M. about his most embarrassing moment, he'd begin, "Four years ago, Hillary came upstairs and....."

Probably, were you to ask my parents about their most embarrassing moments they'd mention me at some point. (Actually, I think my mom's answer would involve both Santa Claus and me.)

M. and I went out to dinner recently at a deli-type restaurant. We were seated near the bathrooms, and at one point during our meal I heard the toilet flush and the bathroom door open practically simultaneously. From the bathroom emerged an 11 or 12 year old boy. As he walked past our table I said to him, "Wash your hands!"

At first he looked shocked that I would speak to him. But immediately he whirled around on his heelies and said, "Oh yeah!" as he headed into the bathroom.

M. Was. Horrified. "Do you know him?"

"No, " I said. "but I would've wanted someone to tell my boys to wash their hands. "

Remember that song from the Pee-Wee Herman show?
"A sailor travels to many lands,
Anywhere he pleases.
And he always remembers to wash his hands
So's he won't get no diseases!"

M. was not amused, and he ate quickly, determined (I think) to finish our meal so we could exit the premises before the boy's angry parents came over. The boy came out of the bathroom eventually, and smiled at me as I gave him the thumbs-up.
See? What was embarrassing about that?
Sheesh! I typed all of that and never got to the videos I'd intended to post. I'll get to them tomorrow. G'night!

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Recently I got to go visit my dentist to have some repair work done.

Last summer he'd replaced an old filling, and the new filling had chipped off and needed to be replaced. (Free of charge, thankfully!).

I'm a bit of an "anti-dentite," having endured a couple of painful encounters with dental drills in my youth. My current dentist is calm, pleasant, and completely willing to work with my chicken-y tendencies.

The last time I had to have work done, my dentist introduced me to the joy of laughing gas. So for this most recent trip I was actually looking forward to another enjoyable afternoon spent "under the influence."

Now, while the dentist works, my thoughts tend to wander (aided by the lovely laughing gas) and during this last appointment I realized that laughing gas does not ensure you will have happy thoughts.

My dentist, wonderful, calming, and pleasant though he is, is blessed/cursed with looks that resemble a current character on television/DVDs.

No, not this guy.

Nope. Not this guy either. (Unfortunately.....)

Oh....... I wish.........

It's this guy. Sylar.

My poor, poor dentist looks like one of the creepiest, most evil villians I have ever seen on network television.

Just imagine the drug-induced thoughts one might have as this guy, with a drill in his hands, slowly moves toward your face.