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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Portland for Pedestrians

Mom, my sister, and I spent Sunday in Portland. We rode the light-rail into downtown, then got off and walked.

And walked some more.

And then we walked some more.

We walked around Lloyd Center, the SW Harrison area, and then up to the Pearl District, where my sister used to live.

This is a fun city to walk in, and there is certainly a lot happening here. It'll be great fun next spring and summer to take the boys around town and explore.

The following photo is for Colson. Colson, THIS is a pigeon. There are a lot of them here. I didn't see any eating hot dogs, but that's probably not for lack of trying.

We hopped on the streetcar quite a bit. I had a picture of me actually hopping onto the streetcar, but it disappeared from the post. I'll have to try to find it later. But below is a picture of the car.

Here we were looking to see when the next car is coming. At this point in the day it was still mostly sunny, but about 20 minutes later it was grey and rainy.

After touring what felt like much of downtown, we stopped for a quick dinner and then caught a movie at Pioneer Place. (Looking for a good movie? Go see "Social Network.")

The next time I can get to the computer I'll post more pictures from the day, and some from our new hometown. Hopefully later tonight.


At 6:28 PM , Blogger Krista said...

Can't wait to see you sometime! I'm glad we'll sort of be "neighbors." Hope the moving process goes smoothly!

At 12:58 PM , Anonymous JAM said...

Did you see any of those pigeons driving the bus? Ha ha!

How exciting! Fun to see pics and read stories of you trekking around a town I go to all the time! When you get there with the kids, try VooDoo Donuts. The one downtown ALWAYS has a huge line - like 45 minute wait type line. Go to the one in NE Portland. Same donuts, no lines.

Can't wait to plan a visit! Still praying for your house to sell soon soon soon!!


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