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Thursday, January 05, 2006

I Shopped in the Petite Department!!

At last! At long, long last!

Years have I hoped. In vain, or so I thought, I dreamed of shopping in the petite department. To browse amongst and finger small, adorable garments. However, I am far too tall to even entertain such an idea. After having three children, I am far too wide as well.

Recently I tried on an item in the women's section and found the item much too large. The attendant steered me toward the children's department, saying, "Perhaps one of these?"

"But, they're for children!" I stammered.

"Yes, most are, but we have our petites over here as well," she replied.

Overcome by joy, I tried on one item after another in the petite section, fulfilling a lifetime dream.

Through my euphoric haze I carefully judged each piece and picked the petite one that suited me best.

And then I paid for the new pair of glasses I'd selected and left the office.


At 9:21 PM , Anonymous Melissa said...

You crack me up!


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