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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

'Dey Make Good Brats 'Der, Don't 'Dey?

Things About Sheboygan I Didn’t Realize I Missed:

1. Being able to say the word “Sheboygan” every day. With a straight face.

2. That lovely upper-midwestern dialect. (The one that everyone there denies having.) It brings a smile to my face every time I hear it. You betcha’!

3. Texas has “barbeques.” Minnesota has “chicken-ques.” Sheboygan has “Fish Boils.”

4. During the winter it’s completely normal and unremarkable to see people walking around town wearing ski masks.

5.Many, many places in town have coffee and hot drinks available during the winter. Gas stations, doctor's offices, bookstores, Great Clips, etc. McDonald’s even sells a couple kinds of cappuccino and hot soups during the winter! Yum!!

6. Waking up to a temp of –7 (not including wind chill). Then later, upon hearing the high temp. of the day had reached 4 degrees, I thought, “Hey! It’s really warming up out there!”

7. Parking meters in the library parking lot. And a $10 fine if the meter expires!

8. Being able to grocery shop at the Piggly Wiggly. And hearing Brogan try to pronounce “Piggly Wiggly.” (Pig-uh-wee Wig-uh-wee!)

9. Snowplows that actually plow during the snowstorm, rather than waiting until the storms stop.

10. The fog or steam or whatever it is rising off Lake Michigan in the morning. (The water is warmer than the air.)

11. The conclusion to "Polka Idol." We moved away before the winner was announced and I never found out which band won!

12. The Company Store!!


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