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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Excuse Me??

It's a shame. It really is. It was a great conversation, and I would've liked to have seen when the speaker's line of thinking would end up, but I was completely sidetracked by a malapropism.

malapropism noun [C] the wrong use of one word instead of
another word because they sound similar to each other, and which is amusing as a

I love good talk radio because it makes me think. On Friday my favorite radio show had a guest host. I've no idea who he was, just that he and his two "co-hosts" were from St. Louis. They were pretty entertaining, and I liked the interaction between the three people.

They spent the morning discussing small-talk-y kinds of topics. Nothing especially earth-shattering or riveting, but then out of nowhere one of them brings up the notion of how cavalier we've become when disccussing God or matters of faith. As a society, we've lost a lot of the reverence that we should have when talking to or about God.

THIS sounded interesting. I listened carefully as they set the discussion up, but completely lost the conversation when the host said, "We talk about God so casually. We talk about Him with a little 'g' instead of with a capital 'G'. He's become just another trite topic. Something we chat mindlessly about over tea and strumpets."

Um...... What?

Tea and strumpets?

My mind was gone; imagining what someone would talk about over tea and strumpets. And in what situation might you find yourself dining with both tea and strumpets.

There's a big difference between strumpets

and crumpets.

And while pondering this, the show went to a commercial. Sigh.


At 2:12 PM , Blogger Lori said...

Dr. Parnell said that in the RP church history class. The second paragraph is my opinion on the outcome of their stance. I figure he knows what he's talking about because he is the most knowledgeable elder and probably prepared well for class. But I guess you could ask around to make sure. Some of the people in the church were surprised to hear it, even though they've been members their entire lives.

I'm not done with the P&P book yet, but I will be by the next time I come to church. Maybe in two weeks. I was actually thinking about that today. Weird.

*loved the post :-)

At 10:58 PM , Blogger Dy said...

LMBO!!!!!!!!! Oh, that's priceless!! Absolutely priceless!!


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