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Monday, December 12, 2005

Air Adventure Museum

Aunt T., 6 children, and I spent four hours in the Air Museum in Oshkosh, WI. This was a fantastic place, well worth the price of admission. Even the two year-old loved it. The museum has tens of planes on display throughout the museum, and several instructional films for the kids to watch.

Their favorite spot was the kids' area, where they sat in cockpits, tried air-related science experiments, posed in front of infared cameras, and tried their hand at the flight simulators. If we still lived in that area, I could see us buying a family pass and spending a lot of time there.

Colson loved the infared camera, and kept dragging us back to it. We had to lift him up so he could be in the camera shot.

Brogan's favorite was the jet fighter cockpit.

The kids are in the control tower here. They had several interactive displays. JJ is looking out at the runway and airplane hangars with one of several sets of binoculars in the room.

Aunt T. and I have an ongoing argument as to whether or not "Top Gun" is a romantic movie.

It started a year or so ago, when I asked if a movie she'd just seen in the theater was romantic.

"Well," she said, "There's maybe a little romance, but it's no 'Top Gun.' "

After I stopped laughing, I expressed my incredulity at the thought of "Top Gun" being a romantic movie. She was amazed at how I could NOT think of it as romantic.

Now it's a running gag. Somehow it works its' way into conversations, greeting cards, and now, blog entries.

So how could I NOT post a photo of Auntie T. in her flight gear.......

dreaming of Maverick......

or Ice Man.


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