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Monday, November 28, 2005

Who Was That Masked Man???

Odds are it's one of the boys. A couple of days after Halloween I stopped by WalMart to cull the leftover costumes. We don't celebrate Halloween, but we do love costumes here! And you can't beat 70% off, my friend....

So we acquired a firefighter set, a police set, a prince, a king (for M. ), and others you'll see in the photos below. We had a blast dressing up and taking pictures.


At 1:02 PM , Anonymous melissa said...

Thanks for sharing pictures of the fun!

At 2:37 PM , Blogger PB&J said...

The KS history museum used to have this cool little kids area off to the side. I used to dress up in all sorts of costumes and play will all of thier stuff! Have you had a chance to check it out?

At 9:15 PM , Blogger Virginia said...

;) hey, thanks for reading my blog!


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