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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Dreaded "Blue Screen of Death."

Last week we awoke to our computer displaying the dreaded "Blue Screen of Death." (left)

We didn't lose too many things, thankfully, as M. backs up the computer fairly regularly.

What we *did* lose we can work to re-create.
But when it comes to schoolwork, we've been handed a boatload of chaos. I use a computer program to create the boys' assignment sheets, and had the next two weeks' worth of work all planned out.

Braden is at a crucial point in the debate season and lost *everything.* He was supposed to participate in his first debate round yesterday, and we'd lost all of his evidence and his en
tire case! Providentially, he'd sent a draft of his case to a friend to look over. The friend was able to e-mail it back. But all his other work has been lost.

Hopefully the computer techs who are in possession of our dead computer can resurrect it. The BSOD was apparently caused by one of the weekly Microsoft Windows automatic updates. (Thank you, Microsoft!)

I'm very tempted to buy a Mac next.


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At 12:21 AM , Blogger The Foil Hat said...

Oh that is the worst! I hope the computer is back and fully functioning by now.


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