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Sunday, October 04, 2009

Open House- Grade Three

I was feeling guilty about waiting a month to post the next installment of our homeschool's Open House. But then I remembered that last year's Open House didn't get posted until the END of the school year. So I'm already ahead of where I was last year.


My perfectionism-induced guilt is gone!

Today is Brogan's turn. He's in the third grade this year and has noticed an increase in the amount of work he's expected to do. I can tell he starts to feel burdened, until Braden shows him all the work for 8th grade and - poof! Brogan's weariness disappears!

Reading- This is by far Brogan's favorite subject. We're reading through the basal series published by Pathway Publishers. The Pathway Readers series is used in Amish schools, and is a sweet and gentle book series. The readers focus on Amish families, and include many family-centered stories as well as poems and stories about nature. In his spare time, Brogan devours Garfield and Calvin and Hobbes comic books, and books in the "Magic Tree House" series.

Math - Brogan is working through the 3A and 3B books in Singapore Math.

Grammar- This is Brogan's first year with a formal grammar program. The curriculum we used for 1st and 2nd grades is mostly oral. This year we're using the grammar textbook put out by Rod and Staff publishers. Rod and Staff's grammar program is thorough and methodical. In the third grade book they have simple, concise lessons and just enough written work for students to practice without going into handwriting overload.

Latin- Brogan's excited about beginning Latin this year. We're using Latina Christiana 1, by Memoria Press. This program is also simple and methodical, and involves quite a bit of memorization. Thankfully, Brogan's good at memorizing, and seems to enjoy practicing with flash cards.

Spelling- We didn't quite finish Spelling Workout B last year, so we're finishing it up this year, and will continue on with Spelling Workout C.

History- Last year's experiment with Tapestry of Grace was a huge success! This year we're using Year 3 of Tapestry of Grace, which covers history from Napoleon through Theodore Roosevelt.

Penmanship- One word: cursive. Brogan's been begging to learn cursive, and I promised him that third grade would be the year it happens. We're using "Handwriting Without Tears" for our cursive practice. I'm thinking we'll need to read Beverly Cleary's "Muggie Maggie" just for fun.

That's our third grade schedule!

Coming soon: 8th grade!


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