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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Hot Tub!!

See this?

We spent four and a half days on this houseboat in Spetember. We sailed up and down the Mississippi River near M.'s parents' house. This past winter M.'s parents celebrated their 40th anniversary.

Last fall they decided to celebrate by renting a giant houseboat for nearly a week and invite all their kids and grandkids to sail with them. It was an anniversary/Christmas present rolled into one.

We piled 14 people on that boat

We sailed upriver, parked on a sandbar that looked friendly, and spent the night. The next day we'd do the same. It was a wonderful, relaxing vacation!

Of all the things to do on the houseboat and the sandbar, this was by far one of the favorite hangout spots:

The hot tub was a hit! Especially since we sailed at the end of the summer, so the weather wasn't scorching hot. In fact, the river water was pretty cold. But the hot tub was the place to be.

This top picture was taken before breakfast, I think. It was foggy until about 10 am each morning. The kids would get into the hot tub the first thing every morning.

After lunch they'd re-visit the hot tub.

And in the afternoon, hey! Why not get into the hot tub?

I had a hard time not thinking about Eddie Murphy and his "James Brown Celebrity Hot Tub" sketch from Saturday Night Live in the 1980's.

Does anyone remember that besides me? I kept trying to explain it to people, but no one seemed to remember it.

James Brown's Celebrity Hot Tub


Too hot inna' hot tub!

It's much more fun to watch it, than to listen to me try to explain it.

Hey, Brogan!!

How's the hot tub?


At 10:45 PM , Blogger Krista said...

I remember...

At 2:06 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've been thinking about that sketch too. Didn't think to look on line to find it to explain to the kids. Thanks!-Tracy


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