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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Well, It's Been A Week.

It's been a whole week since my "It's About Time" post. By now most of you have realized that that particular entry posted on April Fool's Day. Or,as in my mom's case, you may have had those around you clue you in to posting date while smothering (or not) their laughter.

It's become a tradition here to post a somewhat unbelievable blog entry on Apri lst.

Two years ago I blogged about my secret love of 50 Cent.

Last year I blogged about how my sister, Mallory, inadvertantly converted me into a Hillary Clinton supporter. My favorite part of that post was the reaction it received from people who knew me.

This year, part of my April 1st entry was true, and part was false.

I did, as a result of the conversation with Mallory, take voice lessons for a while and I do, indeed, sing in a trio at church. Unfortunately, of the 6 songs we have inflicted on the church, five of them were sung with something wrong with one or more of the microphones. On two of the songs, for example, at least one microphone was turned off. On another song, one microphone was higher than the others. Sigh..... Those are killer mistakes when you're singing in three-part harmony.

The last time we sang, we said that if something went wrong THIS time, we'd call it quits. Honestly, we weren't quite sure how much of this the congregation could take! Thankfully, you could hear all of us! So were considering trying again.

I am learning Welsh. For fun. And contrary to what my mother (who is a very, very important educator) believes, Welsh is a real language. Welsh is a language spoken in the country of Wales.

Yes folks, this is why we homeschool.

I do not study pole dancing. You do not want to see me practicing pole dancing. shudder
The hardest part of this blog entry was trying to find pictures of pole dancers with their clothes ON. Some of those images will be forever burned into my retinas.

The lengths to which I will go for an April Fool's joke.....


At 10:16 PM , Blogger Matt Mikalatos said...

Oh, I am SO vindicated right now. One of our other friends wrote that he and his wife were pregnant for April Fool's Day (not sure why this is funny) but then revealed that they weren't and that there was a secret code to help you figure it out. Krista made fun of me when I really thought they were pregnant.

But NOW... she told me all about how you were doing pole dancing and we talked about how interesting that was and on and on and NOW I can tell Krista that she fell for an April Fool's Day joke, too!


At 8:54 AM , Blogger Frankie said...

I am so behind on blogs that I didn't even read your April Fool's post. I don't even remember April Fool's day this year.

So had I read it, I think I might have had a raised eyebrow about the dancing...but then again, you got me with last year's Clinton thing.

Still, I love your sense of humor.

At 6:36 PM , Blogger Meliss said...


I love that some people actually believed the pole dancing!!


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