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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Did I Fool You?

Sunday's blog was posted, of course, on April Fool's Day. In case you hadn't guessed by now, I am not - nor do I ever plan to be - a Hillary Clinton supporter.

Several people caught on right away. Others took a little longer.

From Dy:

" OMGosh, and I KNEW better. I. Knew. Better. I even blogged just this morning about your April 1st post from LAST year. Darn you!

"So imagine the gut-wrenching horror as I read your post this morning, my eyes getting bigger, my eyebrows actually meeting (MEETING) in the middle. (Not that it's a stretch, I know, but they worked hard to get there and stay there.) I actually had my hand up to my mouth, Hillary, my mind racing, "No, no, how... how does... no..."

"You, my friend, are evil. "

After my entry from April Fool's Day 2006 caught many of you unaware, I thought for sure that everyone would remember and realize the joke right away this year.

Interestingly enough, Mallory (my adorable sister) read about my joining the Clinton bandwagon and thought I was completely serious. She was elated!

After reading it, she bounded down the stairs to tell my mom and sister-in-law. "Mom! You have to read what Hillary just posted! You won't believe this!" She went on to describe the post and noticed that Mom and G. were strangely silent. Finally one of them reminded her, "Mal, today is April Fool's Day."

The shrieking phone call I received from Mallory at 11:30 pm that night is not one that my eardrums will soon forget. (But I must say, I haven't laughed that hard in a long time!)

So Happy April 1st everyone! (Even though it's now the 4th, Mallory.)

And just in case there is any doubt or confusion.....


At 11:38 PM , Blogger Mallory said...


At 3:55 AM , Blogger Dy said...

ROFLMBO! I didn't know I'd be quoted... ;-) You have no idea the thoughts that popped into my head, "Gov't? Efficient? Manage health care? *twitch*"

It's okay, though. You're funny, and you're one of my favorite evil conservatives. And one day, when you least expect it, I'll be there, waiting, with a mold story. And pictures.



At 7:07 PM , Blogger Frankie said...

You got me good.

I didn't comment because I cannot stand Hillary Clinton. (And I'm an independent.) I was floored by your post.

I really walked away scratching my head after reading your post. I guess I should pay attention to the calendar from here on out.

At 7:07 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was ALMOST fooled...I never caught on that it was April 1st, but I kept thinking, "Is this like when she claimed to secretly listen to some rapper??" I even tried to find that post in your archives! I just kept shaking my head, knowing that I don't know you THAT well, but I sure didn't think...well, suffice it to say I'm glad I didn't send an email that said, "Are you REALLY for Hillary?!" : )


At 4:56 PM , Blogger Melkhi said...

Yet another delicious prank! :)


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