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Thursday, July 13, 2006


Things have been very busy since we've been back from vacation, and I haven't been able to post the rest of the vacation stories. To catch up family and friends, here are some "Postcards" from our recent trip:

The traditional "Many Kids on a Rock" photo. This started years ago when Braden was four, I think. We were visiting the zoo with the M. family, and Braden asked if I could take his picture sitting on the rock. It kind of surprised me, as Braden is not a "Hey, please take my photo while I pose like this" kind of boy. But we took it, and it started a tradition. Both families now have years worth of pictures of children sitting on the rock. The area has grown up around the rock - flags were added, as was some ground cover. The rock appears to be getting smaller and more crowded in the photos over the years.

Brogan pretending to be a turtle.

The butterfly exhibit was beautiful! We saw so many beautiful butterflies all around us. They landed on us, which we all thought was pretty cool. But then one landed on Colson and he freaked. out. Thankfully, he held still and did not run screaming around the exhibit. He stood still and cried, terrified of the creature he could only just see out of the corner of his eye.

Eventually he calmed down, but he was frozen in place, afraid to move. We kept oohing and aaahing over the butterfly on his shoulder, though, and eventually I was able to get him to turn slightly so I could get a picture of him.


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