No Harm Done

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Backyard Party We ate, played volleyball, ate some more, had a Dance Dance Revolution, ate again, and then gathered around the fire pit for s'mores.

Mrs. B. taught Colson the s'mores dance. This dance is to be done before, during, and after eating s'mores. It basically involves moving about the yard waving your arms wildly, kicking your legs, and calling out "S'mores! S'mores! S'mores!" over and over and then over again.

Toward the end of our trip we visited the S. family. We had a wonderful time catching up with them. We've known them since Braden was 6 months old and their oldest girl was 3 months old. We enjoyed seeing them again. We squeezed in a game of Apples to Apples, and listened to the kids play the piano for us.

Colson and Mr. S. got along very well. I think they are kindred spirits. I took many pictures of the two of them, and in every single one someone was blurry. They were constantly moving, wrestling, tickling, laughing, flipping - it was constant activity.

Look out! He's got a sweet ride! Nothing could stop Colson from driving! Well, nothing but the decorative rocks, flower bed liner, a potted plant, and ultimately the wooden fence. That stopped him.


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