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Friday, June 23, 2006

Welcome Home!

This spider's cousin greeted us in the garage when we arrived home this week. He looked much like this guy, but uglier. Isn't that a sweet welcome after several weeks away?

Normally, I do not get upset with spiders. True, I do not like them, but I'm not a screamer. (Well, there was that one time. But I was lying in bed and it crawled over my shoulder onto my chest while I was reading. Who would not have screamed?)

This spider was monstrous. It's body was easily two inches long, furry, and had long, thick legs. I kicked it out of the garage and it made a noise as it scraped across the driveway.

It had a face!

I have been hiking in Costa Rica and had tarantulas crawl on my feet, and that was still much less frightening than finding a giant spider in my garage. He now haunts my dreams and tortures my soul!

Thankfully, it was dead by the time we arrived upon the scene. That's something the receptionist at the exterminator's office kept repeating to me when I called the next morning. She seemed to think it was important. I, however, belong to the " If there's one, there are most certainly others" theory.

Braden scooped it up into a jar and set it the garage to await Mr. Exterminator's arrival. Tomorrow I can just kind of wave in the jar's general direction and not have to look at it again.


At 9:15 AM , Anonymous melissa said...

Was it a Wolf spider?

At 12:46 PM , Blogger Hillary said...

UPDATE: Melissa called it. It was a wolf spider. I am relieved at that, but still. Ew!

One thing I dislike about moving is having to get used to new bugs everywhere. I get tired of asking people, "What is THAT? Is that dangerous? Does it sting?" :)


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