No Harm Done

Sunday, July 16, 2006

I don't think I could pass this test.


At 4:27 PM , Blogger PB&J said...

A friend put this on my memory stick a few months ago. It's quite funny.

At 10:56 PM , Anonymous Melissa said...

Hi Hillary! Just popping in to say thanks for the congrats and to let you know that there is a link at the end of that post to baby pictures.

At 8:52 AM , Blogger PB&J said...

I guess that flick is off of a TV show - like a fake COPS.

Check this out. It's short and surprising:

At 9:29 PM , Blogger Nicky said...

Haha, yes, you missed the "telling the news" post! :-)
Thank you for the congrats! We are very excited, as are our families! Yes, we both have jobs lined up as well.


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