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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

If a Boy Finds a Marker......

...he will color on his face.


At 11:07 PM , Blogger Donna Boucher said...

Oh Man.
Is it permanent?

You will have to teach him a French accent.
Aw haw

At 11:17 PM , Blogger Hillary said...

LOL! at the French accent!! :)

It's faded quite a bit this morning, but you can still see it. Colson's red cheeks are smeared marker, I think, as he's still quite red. It makes him looks as if he's gotten into my make-up and rouged his cheeks!


At 12:22 PM , Anonymous Melissa said...

Ha ha! So glad you took a picture! I wish I still had the picture someone forwarded to me years ago of a toddler posing with her baby brothers whom she had colored completely with a marker.

Did Braden like his surprise?

We drove past your city on Sunday about the time you would've been at church. If I had known where the church was, we might have stopped by. But since two of our kids were sick and now I am, it's probably a good thing we didn't.


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