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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Mishmash, HodgePodge, and Some Other Stuff.

Do you know where I am right now? Guess where I am right now?

I’m in our new basement, typing on the computer! Minutes ago I was a mere 3 feet away loafing on the couch and watching television!

Yes, our basement is now semi-furnished! Mr. G. and his family came over today for a spontaneous lunch and to “perform an act of mercy” by helping lug our two amazingly heavy couches downstairs. I thought the task was going to do him in. However, he was quickly revived by a dish of ice cream and all is well. We sent him home in one piece, and hopefully tomorrow will find him dutifully replacing his window wells.

(I’m teasing. His children read this blog, and I’m assuming they’ll be reading this aloud to him, so I wanted to get some good-natured teasing in.)

(You guys are laughing, right?)

Anyway, thanks to Mr. G. we now have a place to sit in our family room. M. spent the rest of the afternoon setting up the tv downstairs. I cleaned upstairs, and am amazed at how much bigger our living room looks now that we got 2 couches, a dresser (holds our dvds and vhs tapes), and the tv/radio paraphanelia out of there!

The boys and I have been schlepping books, toys, and games downstairs to the toy room. There are no shelves in there yet, so everything is stacked around the small room in neat, little piles. Brogan was such a good helper! He really likes to help, when you catch him in the right mood. If everyone is working together on a project, he loves being right there pitching in.

Hopefully by next weekend we’ll have more things put away down here, and we’ll slowly lose the moving in look. I’ll post pictures soon. But first I have to find my camera……

Happily, our basement no longer looks pink now that we have some furniture down here. The hallway is still pretty pink, but I think if I just get some light bulbs that are tinted a bit differently and hopefully that will take care of it.

Yesterday was warm and beautiful, so we went to the park. Well, first we went to the AWANA Grand Prix to watch Braden race his car. He raced 4 times, and had a great time. This was the first year he’s been able to participate. Anyway, after that we went to the park. It was very windy, but warm. We didn’t even need to wear jackets! It was hard to believe it’s well into November.

On the exciting side, we’re going to visit family up north at the beginning of December. This was somewhat of an unplanned trip, but the opportunity presented itself, and the kids have been missing everyone up there, so we grabbed our chance. Auntie T. and Uncle M. have agreed to watch the boys for a couple of nights so that M. and I can have a post-anniversary getaway. We haven’t had one of those in 3 years, I think. We can hardly wait!

On a completely different note, just for fun, here is a Spiderman film shot entirely with legos. It’s very well done, and is one of the boys’ favorites.


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