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Sunday, August 16, 2009


Well, I'd love to post some pictures about what we did last week. But, sadly, I cannot.

You see
someone, most likely one of the someones who are shorter than me, has been chewing on the ends of my camera cord.


As if I don't feed them enough!

As if I don't lecture remind them to take care of their teeth!

Am I raising puppies?

Do I need to specifically state "Do not chew on (insert multiple non-chewable household items here)" for them to understand that this is not to be done?

So, until I have the time to drive into the big city and hit Best Buy, I'll have to make do with old photos.

We recently took M.'s parent's into town to explore. We found this wonderful little alley between buildings that has been converted into a covered patio. It was cool and artsy and delightful.

This part of town has brick streets and lots of outdoor eateries. We saw restaurants featuring all sorts of international food, and my mother-in-law and I decided that next time we come back we'll be prepared to eat. Maybe we can manage to eat one course per restaurant. That way we can cover 3-4 restaurants in a day!

The boys liked the brick planters. On the corner behind us were both a street musician and a painter. The boys had never seen artists on the street like that, so we spent a little time talking to them and listened to some music.

We toured a very old train station that has been turned into a museum. The architecture was stunning. We felt very small in the main station.

Underground were retired train cars from various eras. Some of the cars had been used to carry very important people, and were set up to show how people traveled from those times.

We spent a long time looking over displays.

Upstairs, in the station, several statues played vignettes reflecting typical conversations that might have been overheard during the heyday of the station. Here a soldier says goodbye to his sweetheart before heading off to war. Some were funny, but many were sobering.

We also ran into these folks, but they didn't have much to say.

"Mom! Want some fake money?!?!"

Colson and Brogan played at the bank in the money exhibit.

The boys learned about the cycle of money, from the mint to their piggy banks.


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