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Saturday, August 22, 2009

It Was Like A Nightmare!

While driving home tonight the boys and I spotted a small plane slowly circling over fields near the highway. We wondered if it was a lost pilot, circling while waiting for the local airport to help him get where he was going.

But as we drove closer, we reconsidered and thought the plane might doing something else. The pilot was flying pretty low, and then would swoop up and turn some more, then dive lower again. Some of his dives were so steep they had us holding our breath, waiting to see if he would come out of them.

Finally, we were as close to the plane as we would get. But as we looked to our left we saw it dip down, and begin flying straight. toward. us.

As he flew closer and closer, I began to laugh nervously. It was not unlike this scene from a famous movie:

OK, it was
slightly unlike that scene.

I was driving in a minivan with three children, and not standing on a dirt road. Cary Grant was not there.

However, it
was sunny and there were plenty of nearby cornfields in which we could hide, but I wasn't willing to drive into them at 65 mph.

The plane flew over the top of us, and once on the other side he began to climb for another pass. Thankfully we were speeding away and the plane's next downward swoop was behind us.

The plane crash scene from "The English Patient" came to mind.

I cannot stand "The English Patient." I saw it. I hated it. I wanted my money back. I still rant about that 2 hour and 42 minute waste of celluloid.

I was annoyed when it came to mind. I would much rather have been thinking of Cary Grant!


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