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Friday, August 21, 2009

To Sum Up...

You know, I think this lack of a camera cord is good for me. I've had fun combing through older pictures in search of something to post.

I was talking with my mom this afternoon, who had assumed that I'd not posted much this summer because we were so busy. That wasn't really the case, though.

It is true, that we were occasionally busy this summer, but mostly I didn't post because I didn't think we'd done anything "blog-worthy." It's hard for me to post unless something interesting happens.

So going through older photos has been fun! Here's some of what I'd missed:

M. turned 40 in June. The boys wanted to have 40 candles on his cake. Colson's counting to make sure they're all there.

Here's the cloud after M. blew out the candles. Look at all that smoke!

In May we went to the zoo with some cousins who were visiting. We arrived just in time to follow a zoo keeper around as he fed the animals. The polar bear was swimming, and the keeper threw his food (one item at a time) into the water so the bear could swim and dive for it.

If there is a statue, odds are one of the boys will want to sit on it.

The sun bear climbed up into a tree in order to be closer to the keeper. To the right you can see the keeper throwing the produce to him, and the bear is just catching it in his mouth.

Here is one of the cousins. Or maybe he's a cousin once removed? I'm not sure. He's one of the children of M.'s cousin. We toured the desert dome at the zoo, and I got him to pose with one of the lizard statues there. He was a sweetie, and I loved that he was happy to pose for pictures.

Brogan. Looking so grown up and .... cool.

Earlier this spring Brogan informed us that he likes coffee. He convinced Grandma to make him a cup of coffee while he read the Sunday morning comics.


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