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Thursday, February 19, 2009

School's Out!

Last week we had a couple days of beautiful weather. Temperatures that were in the low teens suddenly shot up into the 50's.

Friday morning the weatherman announced the high temperature for the day would be nearly 60 degrees, and by 10:00 am I'd made the decision to cancel school and head outdoors.

My friend D. was incredulous. "You're canceling school because of good weather?!"

Yes. Yes I am.

We have school when the government schools have their half-days. And their snow days. And their teacher in-service days. And their conference days. And their federal holidays. And....


I think I got them all.

Anyway, we were due a day off. The weather was beautiful, so we grabbed sandwiches from Jimmy John's, and drove out to the lake.

My favorite part of the pictures is the icy lake behind the boys.

There wasn't a whole lot to do at the lake. No one was there to play with. The ground was fairly muddy, due to the melting snow. But it was very nice just to be outside and in the sun without shivering.


At 7:07 PM , Blogger PB&K said...

Emmm... Jimmy John's! Sounds great!

Snow, ice, I can do without, and I agree that 60 degree weather is something to celebrate during the cold, winter months.

Per school holidays - I don't count it a holiday, but public schools often have assemblies and "shortened schedule" days which cut into normal school hours. It's honestly a joke. You get to skip those, too!

At 8:14 AM , Blogger Emily said...

I followed your link from TWTM forum and enjoyed reading your blog. From your photos, I think we live in the same neck of the woods. ;)



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