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Friday, January 30, 2009

Hear Him Roar

Colson is a delightful boy, and while he eschews anything pink or girly, he's provided our family with several moments like this over the years:

Colson loves to dance. I was recently watching a scene from "Swan Lake" on the computer with Colson. After it was done he breathlessly asked, "Do you think I could learn to dance like that?"

He wants to take figure skating lessons.

Colson frequently tells women that their makeup or hair is beautiful.

It's all very sweet and innocent, but it makes the other males in our family cringe a bit.

This week we were eating lunch in a restaurant and Oprah's old theme song "I'm Every Woman" came over sound system.

If you aren't familiar with this song, here it is. You don't have to listen to the whole song, as it's kind of long. But if you jump forward to about the 2:50 you can hear where the song picks up and the chorus begins.

At our table, Colson danced in his seat. Eyes closed and head bobbing, he was really getting into the song. Brogan, not impressed, rolled his eyes and looked disgusted.

Close to the end of the song, Colson decided to begin singing along: "Ahhhh anaconda! It's time to eeeeeeeaaaaaat!"

And with that, Colson's masculinity was restored. His bothers thought it was great that he misunderstood the song lyrics and assumed Whitney Houston's feministic anthem was about a giant, deadly snake.

Note to self:

1. Songs about women= bad.

2. Songs about deadly serpents= cool!


At 12:14 AM , Blogger Frankie said...

I think Colson is going to make a fantastic husband when he grows up. His wife will greatly appreciate him!

And once again, Hillary, you made me laugh out loud. I have never seen that commercial, but I had tears rolling down my cheeks!

At 7:46 AM , Blogger Dy said...

:-D I love it!

We learn so many things raising young men, don't we?

At 10:05 PM , Blogger zelda said...

Laughing until it hurts.

Love the ad too.


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