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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

When Real Estate Attacks......

Apparently the 1900 House has had enough of me bad-mouthing it on my blog and has decided to fight back.

Sunday morning we discovered that some of the plumbing under the kitchen sink was leaking all over the kitchen floor. M. jury-rigged that until the landlord could attend to it on Monday, and cleaned up the watery mess.

Our area has been hitting record high temperatures and Monday afternoon the air conditioner stopped working. M. didn't realize it had quit until late Monday night.

Unable to sleep, M. searched for and finally found two windows upstairs that he could open. The bathroom window would only open 6 inches or so, but he hoped that would be enough to create a little bit of a breeze and help him get through the night.

M. settled back into the bed, and tried to go to sleep, but was startled a few minutes later by a loud crash. The bathroom window had fallen down the 6 inches that M. had raised it, shattering all the glass.

The only good thing about this is that the house chose to attack while the boys and I are out of town, leaving
M. to deal with the aftermath. Fortunately, he's in good spirits and has been able to laugh off my schadenfreude.


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