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Friday, August 03, 2007

Buy Me Some Peanuts and Cracker Jack!

Because for me, it's all about the snacks!

Just kidding! (But not really.)

Baseball season is finished in our neck of the woods. We were super-busy, but I'll miss going to the games. I love, love, LOVE baseball and watching the boys play. A large part of me wishes I could get out there and join them!

Braden played baseball, sort of, when he was in 2nd grade. It was a very informal league, and the coach just sort of shouted the batting order before he turned and started talking with his buddies. So this was his first real year. We are so thankful for his coaches. They were a husband/wife team who spent a lot of time teaching the boys and encouraging them. They let every boy play his most desired position at least once during the season, and they really seemed to enjoy the boys' enthusiasm. Braden learned a lot, and realized that if he wants to improve he's going to have to work on his skills. But he had fun and he's already talking about next year.

Brogan played T-Ball this year on a Kindergarten/ First Grade boys' team. Their games were hilarious! None of the boys could throw, really, or catch. The metal bats were too heavy and unwieldy for most of them, and often they found the grass around them, the dirt, or the sky more interesting than the game. There were at least 5 adults in the field every inning to help the boys through the game.

They all improved so much over the summer. At the first of the season nearly every boy used the tee. By the end of the season they were hitting pitches thown by the coaches! Most of them had no real idea of the rules, but by the end of the season when a coach in the field told them, "Throw it to second!", they knew where second base was and made a reasonable throw.

Here's Brogan running to first base after hitting a ground ball toward third.

He'd get a high five from the first base coach and then lift his helmet up so he could see what was going on around him.

We saw this a lot during the game. When a player made an error, or needed encouragment, the coach would walk over and explain what he should be doing and refocus them. He spent a lot of time refocusing Brogan.

We were ready for the season to end, but I'm looking forward to watching them play next summer!


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You know Hillary, we are always needing more girls for co-rec!


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