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Sunday, July 01, 2007

We'd been hearing about a BMX bike track at a park in town, but had never been there. Recently, on one of our beautiful early summer nights, we packed up the bikes and drove the the park.

Braden took off immediately. I need to learn more about the settings on my camera. In most of my photos Braden is a blur.

Brogan doesn't ride his bike well enough to ride the track yet, so he took off on foot.

He also climbed fences, rock piles, and lampposts. Monkey Boy.

M. and Colson mostly rode on the walking path around the park, but Colson wanted so badly to ride the BMX track!

So M. decided he'd try it. They made it 3 times around the loop before M.'s calves gave out.


At 4:13 PM , Anonymous Tara in KY (no more) said...

Ok I know you posted this forever ago...
But while checking out your pumpkin muffin recipe mentioned at TWTM board, I saw a post about BMX.
We are huge BMXers here. I couldn't resist checking out this post.
May I ask where you're at?
That track looks to be in good condition. Niiice. Did you guys ever get involved in BMX? Or just go for joy rides?
I'd like to know where the track is so I can look it up for more info and find out about regionals/nationals as we're always looking to try a new track!


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