No Harm Done

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Oooooooh! Crispy!

I am a dork.

Completely, undeniably dorkish.

Today is Sunday, and I am not at church. Yet, I am not sick. None of the children are sick. In fact they are all at church without me. And do you know why?

Because of baseball.

Braden's team played in a tournament this weekend. They played 5 games in two days. Yesterday was spent watching 4 games played nearly back to back. M. and I took turns watching the littles play at the playground and watching Braden's game.

The day was sunny, but also kind of overcast and breezy, so I didn't think about sunscreen until it was too late. You'd think I would have known better, having grown up in Idaho's desert. Sunshine=sunscreen.

Just before the last game, M. said, "You're looking sort of pink. Go watch the littles at the park. You can still see the game from under that tree, but get into the shade!" I thought he was overreacting then, but I shudder to think what I would be feeling like had I watched that last game from the stands.

I am terribly, horribly sunburned.
My cheeks and nose are just a light pink. My forearms and elbows are red, but it's my legs that are the worst. They radiate heat. When I stood up this morning, I could actually *feel* the blood rushing down into them! OW! I've been hobbling around the house this morning, from bed to couch. From couch to chair. From chair to bottles of Tylenol and Solarcaine. OW!

I'm going to hobble back to bed now.


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