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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Pool Party!

A family in our summer Bible Study hosted a pool party at their home. The boys were excited all week, and worried it would either rain or be cold and windy. But their fears were unfounded. It was a gorgeous, warm, sunny evening.

They spent the entire evening in the pool, leaving only to eat some ice cream and then hop right back in.

Here's Braden jumping off the diving board. He's all style and grace, that one!

At some point, someone threw the bucket that held the pool toys into the pool. The kids quickly found out that if you put the bucket over someone's head, and then had 2-3 boys push down on the bucket, air was trapped in the bucket and you could breathe while underwater. This really excited them, and they spent a good 20 minutes holding their bucket-headed friends under water.

I caught Brogan examining his pruny fingers.

Then he caught me catching him examining his pruny fingers, and he got all embarrassed.

Colson is a babe magnet.

Seriously. The girls flock to him. Every time I saw him during VBS week some girl or another was carrying him, or having him sit on her lap, or hugging him. Once he asked a high school girl to call him that evening, and she did!

Look at him. What is he doing? He can be as goofy as he likes, apparently, and they won't get tired of him.


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