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Saturday, June 02, 2007

K-12 Meme

Apple Jacks or Captain Crunch with Crunch Berries?
Neither. We rarely had sugared cereal. In fact, I remember my parents instituting the "Sugared Cereal Of The Month" when I was in second grade. One month I'd pick a sugared cereal, the next month my brother would get to pick.

By the time I left for college, though, my youngest siblings were starting grade school. They cannot remember a time when there wasn't usually a sugared creal in the cupboard. Also, they only had to walk uphill one way, the softies.

Band or Choir?
Both. Band in jr. high, and choir my junior and senior years.

Class Ring?

Ducks or Battleships?
Neither. I have no memory of taking a bath. I'm sure I did. I mean, there are pictures of me when I was a baby, so at some point I did take a bath. I think I was playing with a washcloth.....

Earning Money?
I babysat. There were usually chores we could do for money.

Favorite Teacher?
Mrs. Cole, third grade

Go Back and Do Over?
Sometimes I think it would be fun, but if I did that I'd miss what I have now.

Home Economics?
Just one year in jr. high. I remember the actual cooking lessons. I remember nothing about vitamins, minerals, sewing, etc. As I recall, our table did a lot of talking and note-passing about Michael Jackson's "Thriller" album, and Duran Duran.

Indoor Recess?
Rarely. My favorite indoor recesses were in Michigan (3rd-4th grades). After eating luch we'd go to the gym, where they would show old reel-to-reel movies. I remember watching a very old "Jungle Book" in black and white, also "Abbot and Costello" movies.

Jacks or Jump Rope?

Kickball or Dodgeball?
Kickball. Hands down. I still love a good game of kickball.

Brown Bag or Lunchbox?
I had a lunchbox until the schools started serving hot lunch in 4th grade. (I think it was 4th.) Bleah.

Yup. Yup. Yup. I was a drama geek through jr. high and high school. Then, my junior and senior years I added choir. I look back on those years and really wondered what my choir teacher was thinking, allowing me in. I could carry a tune back then, but I couldn't really sing.

Number of School Districts?
School districts: 4

Orange or Apple?

Playground Equipment?
Swings. And those really tall metal slides we used to have.

Quiz Team or Debate?

Foursquare, wallball, soccer (it was new back then!), and hiding from other kids.

Spring Break?
We usually stayed home. I don't remember going anywhere special.

Team Sports?
Basketball through jr. high. Track, also through jr. high. (I threw shotput and did the triple jump, because I didn't like to run.) I played baseball for several years.

Walk or Bus?
I walked a couple of years, but mostly took the bus.

X Country or Basketball?
Basketball, but I wasn't very good.

Can I say college on this one? I really didn't like school, and could hardly wait to be done. But I loved, loved, loved college!

Twice. Once I fell asleep with my forehead resting on the sleeve of my sweater. I woke up and went through the next few minutes with the waffle-pattern of my knit sweater imprinted across my forehead.

During my junior year I fell asleep in health class ( first period). The teacher saw me and, when the bell rang and I didn't move, he encouraged the class to get up and leave quietly. I woke up during second period and found myself surrounded by a completely different group of people! It was pretty confusing! It's a good thing I liked this teacher - this ended up being a positive memory. :)

This was a fun meme! Hat tip to Staci at Writing and Living for posting it! If you decide to do this one yourself, please link to it in the comments! :)


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