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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Amazing Race 2007

Weeks of thought and preparation culminated in our Amazing Race last weekend. Our family joined with the G. family for two days of competition and fun.

And when it was over - we napped. Well, I napped, anyway.

During the race I put 260 miles on our van! I think I need to treat her to an oil change after that!

For those who'd like to see a complete list of the tasks, here they are:

Chuck E. Cheese
Teams arrive here with a clue and 10 tokens. They must play games to either (a) earn 20 tickets, or (b) until all their tokens are gone. Teams must use 1 token at the sketch machine to get a sketch of both teammates.

Mini Golf
Teams are given a choice of three different mini-golf courses to choose from. Once at the course, teams must play 18 holes of mini-golf according to the rules, keeping score as they go. Their combined score determines how soon they may leave the course

The next 3 activities will be done simultaneously, in varying order. (We needed to separate the teams at this point.)
A. Treasure Hunt
Maps will be taped to a marked lamppost at church. Clues will be written in treasure map style. Treasure is the clue to the next activity in this event.

B. Capitol Building
Teams search the capitol building for a specific mural. They must have their picture taken in front of the mural.

C. Detour: Paper Squares or Bottles
Teams may choose between one of two activities. In one activity, teams must sort through a bowl full of small paper squares to find the one with a dot in their color on it. Should they start one event, and want to switch to another, there is a two-minute penalty. In the second activity, teams drive to the ___ house to find a garden of bottles in the backyard. Teams must pull up bottles to find the one with their color dot on the bottom.

Roadblock: Go Karts
Teams drive to the go-kart course. 1 team member must drive a go-kart around the track.

Construction Kits
Teams will drive to Toys R Us to find a build-it-yourself birdhouse kit. Drive to the ____ house to complete it. Sets must be constructed according to the directions

Romper Stompers
Teams drive to _______ to complete a specific course on their romper stompers.

Teams drive to Target for a price matching activity. Within their clue #7, teams found pictures of items around the store. Teams will need to find the items, write down their prices, and find a total amount. Teams will show their amount to the taxi drivers at the front of the store. They must find the EXACT amount.

Water Balloon Toss
I think it was team members toss 15 balloons each into a small basket held by the teammate. After completion, taxi driver hands them a clue telling them to find the pit stop.



Teams drive to ______ house and locate a large bowl full of pudding and coins. Children must pull out $3.46 in coins and show them to the taxi driver.

Teams drive to the library and ask the librarians in the children’s section for their next clue with the book title written inside. Children may use the computers or search the shelves for the specific book with their clues inside. They must remove their clue, and place the book back in its correct spot!

Historical Park
Teams will drive to Park and explore looking for their next clue, which is hidden near a specific object. Teams will have a picture of the object to find.

Teams are given driving directions to ______’s house. They must read the clues to the driver, as they won’t know where they are going.

Road Block: Gymnastics
1 team member must complete a specific set of activities at the gym within a certain time limit. .

Sand Castles
Teams drive to the sand beach. Team must construct a castle with a moat, a surrounding wall, 3 towers, a flag. 1 tower must be at least 2 stories. Each tower should have 6 windows.

Ice Cream Sundaes

Teams drive to the _____ house and locate ice cream sundaes in the downstairs freezer. Each team member must eat one bowl. Each bowl will have 5 scoops in it. Teams must add 2 syrups, 2 teaspoons of sprinkles, and whipped cream. Eat the whole bowl and clean up

Print pictures
Teams will be given the locations of 3 different insta-print machines. Teams will (with taxi driver help) print out copies of 4 specific pictures and bring them to the pit stop

Rap Song
Teams must write a rap song about their activities during the race. Write 1 line per task. They will perform it at the pit stop.

Teams ride the train in the Park. While on the train, they must look for “a familiar face.” This person is the final pit stop. Once the train stops, teams race to the pit stop.


At 11:18 AM , Anonymous revelatorart said...

HEY from REV in ID! Remember me? Friend of JAMs. THAT was an AMAZING idea! I'm a BIG FAN of the show & when I saw this I was BLOWN AWAY! How CLEVER! Way 2 go! YOU GUYS ROCK!

At 9:52 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks like a ton of fun!


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