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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Our Renaissance

This week I begin to implement "Phase 2" in my spring cleaning plan. Last week I emptied and decluttered and cleaned every cupboard/ drawer/ and shelf on the main floor.

It's more than a "renaissance."

It's a "residence-aissance."

Okay, that sounded better in my head.

This week I paint. I'm starting with the living room/hallway/staircase walls. Then I move on to re-paint the "Red Room" in the basement. I loved the colors on the paint chips, but on the walls they didn't say "This room makes a bold, colorful statement!" They said, "This room is pink!"

I have a list of chores I can do while I'm waiting for the paint to dry. The boys are all staying at a friend's house during the days while I work. I think we're all excited!

I've been painting for 2.5 hours. The hallway is done. I've emptied 3 pints of Coca-Cola. ("I just can't quit you.....") 4 hours to go until I pick up the boys!

The foyer is done, now I'm starting on the living room. After that: (insert scary music here) the stairway!!!

At the end of the day, I finished everything but the wall down to the basement. I still have to touch-up, paint the accent wall, and stripe the foyer. But the base coat is on.

Apparently my talent for choosing "magical mystery paint" remains intact. The paint looks taupe on my skin, w arm tan on the walls, but decidedly melon in the sunlight. I think it'll grow on me, though.

Tomorrow we rest, and then begin again on Thursday.

Final tally:
Hours Spent Painting: 6
Liters of Soda Consumed: 2
Hours of Talk Radio Heard:4.5
Musical Soundtracks listened to: 3
Paint Drips on my Carpet: 1
Lunches Eaten: Zero (oops!)
Moments of Embarrassment When I Realized that People Outside Could Hear Me Singing: Ummm....several.


At 6:53 PM , Blogger Dy said...

"...that sounded better in my head."

Oh! ROFL. How many times have I said THAT!

Wow, and here I was feeling all productive because I painted the ceiling AND the walls in the bath... *sigh* You were listening to fiddy while you painted, weren't you? And suckin' down the coke. I see how it is, now.

WTG! Will you be posting pictures of your new BIG BOLD STATEMENT paintjobs? I can hardly wait. Your pictures are so much prettier than mine. :-)


At 8:51 AM , Anonymous melissa said...

Hi Hillary!

Sounds like a very satisfying day. Congrats on all that you accomplished!

Thanks for your comments on heartrate. I do have a strong family history of thyroid problems and will have to keep an eye on that.

If I give you lots of Coke will you come paint my house :)? By the way, there is no "soda" in KS, only "pop".


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