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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Pimp My Living Room

Okay, this year we've painted the boys' bedroom, the kitchen/dining room, the boys' bath, and the master bath. The next project on my list is the living room, and here's where I'm stuck.

I'd love for "Trading Spaces" to do an episode in this room. (Please, Vern? At least consider weaving your Vern Yip design magic in my living room!) As that is not likely to happen, I need another source for help. I need ideas. I need inspiration.

The trouble is that the living room has 2 hallways and an entryway that extend from it, so there's no clear definition of space. Also, it opens into the kitchen/ dining room, so whatever color I choose needs to coordinate with the sage color of the kitchen:

(The kitchen colors)

Currently, there's no seating in the living room, save for a brown easy chair. (The matching couch is in the photo below.) We moved most of the furniture downstairs to the family room. Once I have an idea for colors we'll purchase a small couch for that room. There's also a dark brown piano and a brown cabinet.

(View from unfinished kitchen into the living room.)

Ideas? Colors? Know a good designer that'll work for cheap? Leave it in the comments and let me know what you think.


At 8:25 AM , Blogger Dy said...

Mmmm. I like the Eddie Bauer colors w/ the mountain lodge tone to them. And Olympic's "wine country" collection is gorgeous. It would go w/ your green, which looks very similar to their Sweet Annie.

Bookshelves help define space beautifully. You could build a small bump-out somewhere to define a place for a break in color. Or do stripes that will pull the whole house together (not like just big fat stripes, but something like use a base color and then every five feet, put an 8" stripe of a coordinating color. A girlfriend's SIL did this, and while it sounds hideous, it looks gorgeous!) Maybe beg Lynnette (from lifeaswecavesknowit) to let you borrow her interior designer friend?

Dy, who you know as well as I do, has no business offering decorating advice. hee hee


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