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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Welcome to VBS Fight Club.

The first rule of VBS Fight Club is: you do not talk about VBS Fight Club.

The second rule of VBS Fight Club is: you DO NOT talk about VBS Fight Club!

I picked up Brogan from Vacation Bible School on Tuesday night, and learned that he and another boy had been fighting. The game time leader didn't see what started it, but did break up the fight.

Brogan, true to the rules of VBS Fight Club, wasn't talking.

He did acknowledge that he'd been fighting, but refused to say what led up to it.

Once home, Brogan waited in his room for M. to come home while I e-mailed a friend, saying, "I must be the only mother in the world whose child got into a fistfight at VBS!"

"Nah, " she replied. "There's the other kid's mom, too."

When M. finally arrived home, I greeted him with the news. He went into Brogan's room to work his "Father Knows Best" magic.

As M. closed the door behind him, I heard him say to Brogan, "So...... Did you win?"

We eventually got a partial story out of Brogan. He and the other boy had been roughhousing and it got out of hand. The boys did make up, and played together (without incident) at the park the next day. Happy ending!

Hat tip to Darin for the title.


At 12:13 AM , Blogger Dy said...

I shouldn't snicker. But I couldn't help it.

Well played, Parents. All the way around! ;-)


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