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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Braden's Got A Secret.

Maybe it's not so much a secret as a surprise. He went ahead and took a giant step toward teenagerdom today. (At least in my brain, that is.)

But getting it out of him is tough. He's pretty tight-lipped. Maybe I can tease it out of him, though.

He's at that age where he doesn't like posing for pictures. I think he's worried he won't like how the picture will look, so he makes goofy faces, or blinks, or looks at his feet. He sabotages the picture so he knows that if it looks bad, it's because he made it that way.

Consequently, my camera's memory card is filled with pictures like this:

Or goofy faces like this:

Every once in a while I can trick a nice shot out of him, though.

Can you guess his secret?


At 11:56 AM , Anonymous Brian said...

I think he is secretly planning on learning how to play the theme of Jaws!


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