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Monday, November 26, 2007

Say Cheese!

It's picture day at our house! I needed new pictures of the boys for our Christmas card artwork, so they got duded up and took turns in front of the camera.

This year was tough, because the littles are at the age where they overthink their facial expressions.

For example, if I say "smile!" I get:

He's trying, but is a little overenthusiastic, don't you think?

I'm not very good at getting natural looks from the boys. I tried talking with them, distracting them, etc. I got a few good shots of each of them, but Audrey Woulard or Miz Booshay I am not!

I'm saving their adorable pictures for Christmas. However, I'll treat you to the outtakes that made us all laugh.

There were lots like this:

Colson was a bit of a chatterbox:

When I suggested that he maybe not smile, he went all tragic on me.

However it was Brogan who gave us our favorite photo-bloopers:

And my absolute favorite is........

Oh! It was a fun morning, and we did get some pictures that will make grandparents happy. But the bloopers brightened up our day. :)


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