No Harm Done

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Three years ago we moved to our fair city, and we quickly began visiting churches in the area. Almost immediately we were confronted with the surprising lack of churches in our area with solid, expository Biblical preaching.

At some point in our "church search," we found the church that our dear friend Mr. G. pastored. We were thrilled to find a church that valued expository preaching, and the teaching of the entire Word of God. During the year we attended that church, we were continually challenged and humbled by his sermons. His preaching was deep and challenging for adults, but clear enough that our then nine year old son, Braden, was able to take notes and understand that main ideas of the sermons.

Three years, two Amazing Races, and 3 Fear Factors later, the G. family no longer were simply "the pastor's family," but have become dear, sweet friends to us.

This week the G. family moved back to Pittsburgh. God has called them back to plant a church in a relatively unchurched part of the city. It is a tremendous step of faith for them, for many reasons, and is a good example for our family to observe: the stepping out in faith and obedience.

We will miss you, but are thankful for the time we were able to spend getting to know you. Hopefully we'll be able to visit "you'uns" soon. You can take us "dahntahn" , or maybe show us the "Mon" or the "Yock." Or maybe "ketch" a "Stillers" game.


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