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Saturday, October 06, 2007


Last night our swim club had a practice swim meet or, as Brogan called it, a "fake swim meet." It's mostly for the younger swimmers, to get them used to a swim meet format and practice swimming for times.

Brogan has only been in a lap swim class for a month. In August, he surprised us all by showing us he could swim the backstroke. We had no idea. Who taught him this? We're still not sure. Anyway, for the month of September, his teachers decided to move him up a level so that he'd be swimming more.

With the move up came the opportunity to swim in the fake swim meet. Brogan wasn't sure he'd be able to do it: he's not very fast and they swim in the 13 foot pool. It's a little scary. But when the coach told him there'd be treats at the end, he was IN! And excited!

While he was happy and excited, I asked him if I could video him swimming and blog about it so that our friends and family could see him. And, with his permission, here are his races!

Here he is swimming the 25 yd. freestyle. (Dad, his time was 53 seconds in case you want to try to beat that.)

And here is his 25 yd. backstroke. You can see at the beginning he forgot to use his arms. His coach needed to remind him.


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