No Harm Done

Saturday, October 13, 2007

I Just..... I Mean...... What was......?

I am filled with questions after watching this:

What was her score?

Did she win?

Did she have no friends to offer constructive criticism beforehand?

Who choreographed the little interpretive dances between solos?

Where is Stacy Hedger now?


At 11:55 PM , Blogger Darin said... sounds like the score was in the key of G major and Stacy was in C major.

Easy for her - cuz there's no flats or sharps. You should remember this from band, Hillary.

As far as the visual performance goes:

Nice introductory interpretation of character and mood, however the development of these performance aspects should be further explored in order to fully communicate with the audience. Execution and musicality of the overall performance may be further enhanced by the performer understanding the overall role and responsibility in the linear relationship of the performance repertoire as it moves thru time and space on the horizontal performance timeline.

I know it's hard to believe - but I've judged worse things in all my years.


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