No Harm Done

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

We Interrupt Our Boston Trip... bring you a short movie for friends in Pittsburgh.

The G. family is moving to Pittsburgh. It's a wonderful transition for them, though a sad happening for us. We will miss them.

Last weekend we essentially bullied our way over to their house with the help of Mother-in-Law, Mrs. M. (Thank you Mrs. M.!!) We spent hours and hours and then more hours packing, painting, cleaning, chasing children, and then packing some more. The S. family came in the afternoon to help.

We topped off the weekend with pizza, and were all exhausted but happily surprised at how much fun we'd had during the day and how much we accomplished.

Here's a short video of the work that got done in those days. We didn't get as many photos as we'd hoped (we were working, after all), but you'll get the idea. :)


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