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Friday, September 07, 2007

Po-TAY-to.... Po-TAH to

Today Colson announced he knew what job he'd like to have when he grows up. He just couldn't think of the name......

C: I want to be someone who takes care of animals.

Me: Like a veterinarian? An animal doctor?

C: No. Someone who takes care of all animals. All animals in the world.
Me: Ummmm. You mean like a zookeeper?

C: No. I want to be one of those....ummm... what do you call those people who don't eat meat?

Me: A vegetarian?

C: YES! That's it. They really take care of all the animals.

Me: (Puzzled) Yes, I suppose they do.

C: And they help pets when they are sick. I want to do that. But only with puppies.

Me: Wait. Do you want to be a pet doctor? A veterinarian?

C: Can a veterinarian take care of puppies and all the animals?

Me: Yes.

C: I'll be that then.


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