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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Has It Really Been Nine Days Since I've Posted?

Wow, they flew by!

Recently we had a craft day for the children at our church. On Saturday morning, the social committee set up stations all over the gym. The children visited the stations in any order they liked, but they could only visit each station once.

Brogan and Colson went, and they had a grand time. Colson visited the cookie-frosting once.....but never left. He spent the entire time frosting (and eating) cookies and being smothered by a couple of motherly high school girls. Brogan frosted cookies too, but also made a puppet, painted wooden crafty figures, and made a door-hanger.

On Sunday morning, at the beginning of the church service, pictures from the craft day were shown in a slideshow on the screen at the front of the church. It was clear that the event was a hit, and there were many pictures of adorable children coloring, cutting, and gluing!

And then Brogan's picture flashed on the screen:

Yes, that's pink frosting smeared all over his face and fingers. His mouth is stuffed so full of cookie that he cannot close his lips.
It was the only photo in the slideshow to get a laugh.
That's my boy!


At 8:56 AM , Blogger Dy said...

LOL. And no tummy ache later that night?

What a cutie.


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