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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Random Unrelated Photos

We were very busy visiting Aunt D. and Uncle D. There's too much to narrate, but here are the photo highlights.

There was a cute, adorable baby to hold and entertain. Baby J. is 3 months old here, and all of the boys got to have a turn or two holding him. Brogan proclaimed Baby J. to be "a very fine fellow." In this picture, Colson was tickling him with a small husky dog puppet.

Here is Aunt D. playing with Baby J. It is so much fun watching my former college roomie become a mother! We met 18 years ago when she was a recovering cheerleader and I was a Dukakis-voting Democrat. Can you believe that?!

Aunt and Uncle D. have many things in their yard that boys love: a dog, lots of space to run, and a big dirt hill. They put all of those things to good use! Somehow the boys found a large tree branch and tied crepe paper to it to make their flag. With Uncle D.'s help, they planted it atop the giant dirt hill in a scene not unlike that on Iwo Jima. Their dog, Lucy, stands proudly with them.

This is a boy in need of a dog. Brogan and Colson spent lots of time out back playing with and talking to Lucy. In this photo, Brogan is hugging her.

Uncle D. has a large shop out back that contains several vehicles and projects in various states of construction or restoration. The boys are sitting on two of his antique tractors while he entertains them with many tales of practical jokes you can pull on people who are welding.

We drove down to our alma mater and spent several hours rediscovering the town and exploring the campus. One of the main buildings was open, and I took the boys through, describing the classes I'd taken or events I'd participated in.

Here the boys are posing on the stage of the main auditorium.

Brogan and Braden really liked the desks you get to sit in at college classes. Do you think that will be enough incentive for them to attend?


At 10:22 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tell D that her baby is so cute. 3 months old is a great age.

At 10:23 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

That last comment was from Anne.


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