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Thursday, June 08, 2006

What. No Jell-O?

The Mormon missionaries who have come to my door over the years are never this persistent. Thankfully.

I would enjoy their visits so much more if they were as entertaining as the ones in this video.

Watch two missionaries who are on a quest for a 100% conversion rate.


At 9:34 AM , Blogger Dy said...

We spent about an hour at the Barats and Beretta site after seeing the Mother's Day one - laughed ourselves silly. They're really creative young men, aren't they?

OK, all-in-one catchup comment:

I LOVE the pictures and narration of the trip, but I must ask again - why no coffee? Why would anyone drive (let alone with children, farther than the edge of town) without coffee?

"Too much plot in an A-Team episode? That's not something I thought I'd ever type." - That had me choking on my coffee! Too funny, but I totally understand what you mean.

Glad you had such a lovely trip. Got a chuckle out of your description of you and your friend 18 years ago. Funny how time heals all wounds. Or something like that. What a delightful time, though, and I'm so glad you shared pictures.

You're right - that boy does need a dog!! ;-)



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