No Harm Done

Monday, May 01, 2006

Our World Is Still Turning.

The roof did not cave in. Our economy did not collapse. I was still able to go to restauants and stores without any problems.

I am adamantly against illegal immigration. Hear me now. I said "illegal immigration. " It may surprise you to know that I am against all sorts of illegal activity.

Because of the boycott that was to happen today I made it a point to make my own statement: we staged a homeschool walk-out. We made a point of getting out and about and spending some money. I'd hoped to do my grocery shopping, but we ran out of time at the end of the day.

I'm sure there were businesses closed, but I didn't see any. Marc's plant has a significant Hispanic workforce and they were prepared for anything. Happily, only 3 people didn't show up for work today. Not only did everyone else come, but they worked especially hard and finished extra early.

Ok, my semi-soapboxy rant is done. Here are some happy pictures from the day.

We went swimming at the pool in a nearby town. We go once a month with a group of homeschoolers and swim during the day when it's not too busy. Today was the last swim day, and the boys made the most of it. Colson has finally gotten over his fear of being splashed and had a great time playing in the kiddie area.

This is Colson dancing on the tail of this dragon. The dragon is really a slide, but Colson must dance on the dragon's tail before he slides. It is his ritual.

Braden gave Brogan piggyback rides in the deeper end. I remember my Dad doing this with me when I was smaller than Brogan. I was terrified.

Here they are competing to see who can hold their breath the longest.

Finally, Braden on the obstacle course.

Another happy note, we finally ordered living room furniture! "It's about time!!!!" some of you cry, and you're absolutely correct. I can hardly wait for the furniture to arrive. No longer will guests be forced to sit on camping chairs in our living room. Or stand awkwardly conversing with each other while trying to look cool and casual. When it all arrives I'll post photos.


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