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Thursday, October 06, 2005

So Much to Blog, So Little Time.

We're back from our trip up north! We'd gone in search of cool weather and fall colors and were somewhat disappointed. The weather was warm and beautiful, but temps were in the high 80's, not the cool temperatures M. was hoping for. It didn't stop him from taking the boys hiking, though. The trees started changing this weekend and the bluffs along the Mississippi River were beautiful.

We came home to find that our part of town had been hit with heavy rains and several areas had serious flooding. We got somewhere between 6 and 14 inches of rain overnight. (The amount of rainfall seems to vary based on what part of the country you were measuring.) Our basement is dry, thankfully, and we're hoping that this means the odds of us ever having water problems are small. (If the basement could stand up to this, it could stand up to anything!!)

Work has started in our basement. We're hoping the work will all be done by the end of the month, and we can begin bringing things downstairs. I'm eager to get the tv out of the living room!

This morning guys came to hang drywall in our basement. They've been working steadily all morning,and it's been great fun listening to them. I just went down to peek, and was surprised to see that they're nearly done. They've managed to cover a bedroom, a 10x10 storage room, a bathroom, and a large family room in less than7 hours. It would have taken M. and I weeks to accomplish this. We've picked out flooring and ordered cabinets. It's all taking shape so quickly!

Yesterday we spent the day trying to recover from our trip: unpacking, laundering, answering phone messages and mail. The kids and I were all crabby, but today everyone seems pretty normal.

Sorry for the boring entry, but I felt the need to let everyone know that we were alive and dry. I'll post pictures from our trip soon.


At 6:58 PM , Anonymous Melissa said...

Welcome home! I heard about that flooding via Tim D. and I'm glad that your house stayed dry. How fun to get the basement finished!

Looking forward to hearing more about your trip and the baptism and seeing your pictures.


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