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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

First Grade Open House

Hello! Welcome to our first grade "Open House!" Come on in!

Colson is our first grade student this year, and is making excellent progress, having benefited from listening in on what his brothers have been due for the past few years. Colson has surprised us all by being remarkably academic, characteristic he's kept well-hidden under his gregarious, hammy personality.

For reading we are using both "Phonics Pathways" and the "Pathway Readers" series. I have used "Phonics Pathways" to teach all three boys how to read. When a child gets about halfway through the book, I add in the "Pathway Reader" primer book. The Pathway Readers are basal readers used in Amish schools, and are filled with sweet stories. I'm enjoying reading them again with Colson. Colson is mid-way through the second-grade readers and says that reading is his favorite subject.

For math we're using the "Singapore Math" series. Again, it's something that all three boys have used. (When you find something that works, why change?) Colson is finishing up the 2nd grade math book and will be starting the third grade book sometime in November. The hardest part about this is that there's so much more writing in 2nd and 3rd grade math, and as a first grader he's just not ready/able to write that much. So we do a lot of the textbook portion orally, and just leave him the workbook portions to write out.

For spelling Colson's working his way through "Spelling Workout A." For grammar we're using "First Language Lessons" by Jessie Wise. I discovered FLL with Brogan, and am enjoying it again with Colson. It covers 1st and 2nd grade grammar, and I love the gentle approach it takes with students. The first grade lessons are almost all done orally, with writing increasing in the second grade. SO far Colson has memorized three poems and can tell you the definition of a noun and the difference between common and proper nouns. If reading is his favorite subject, grammar just might be his second favorite.

Colson and I are using "Leading Little Ones to God," another book I've used with all three boys.

We are studying the Middle Ages with "Story of the World: Volume 2." I think this is my third time through this book. It's a wonderful world history book for younger students.

That's our Open House. We're looking forward to a great year!


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