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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Open House: Grade 2

Welcome to the second grade portion of our Open House.

Brogan is our star student, and I cannot tell you how pleased we are with his progress this year!

Reading: Brogan's reading has taken off. He will finish the three Pathway Readers basal books for second grade, and is beginning to read chapter books in his free time. (Shorter books like Magic Treehouse.) He has been tearing through Garfield and Calvin and Hobbes comic books. This winter he decided he wants to read a little bit in his Bible every day (just like Dad!), and it is such a blessing to see him hunkered over the pages!

Math: Brogan worked through Singapore Math 2A and B this year. He's *much* better at doing math in his head than I was prepared for, so he's been tearing through this book.

Spelling: I'm a big fan of methodical spelling workbooks, and Brogan is working through MCP's Spelling Workout B.

Memory Work: The AWANA program materials makes up Brogan's memory work this year. Brogan is in his last year of Sparks, and has finished his book. He went on to recite a complete review of his book, and is working through the supplemental workbook.

Grammar: We're using "First Language Lessons" for grammar. I'm not a huge fan of this book, but it is a gentle introduction to grammar and is good for 1st and 2nd grades.

Music: Brogan began piano with a "real" teacher this fall and is halfway through his Level 1 book. He's also learning a few simple hymns. He really enjoys playing songs that other people with recognize. Last month, he got to "help" his older brother play songs for residents of a local care center. Brogan played "Joyful, Joyful" for them.

Speech: This month Brogan began weekly speech classes at a local elementary school. He has worked through all his previous articulation issues, and has only the "r" sound left to conquer.

Typing: Brogan's coming along with typing. It's one of his favorite subjects, I think, because it doesn't seem like work. I'm using a Spongebob Squarepants typing program.

Tomorrow: Open House- Seventh Grade


At 1:10 PM , Blogger zelda said...

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At 1:11 PM , Blogger zelda said...

Great work, Brogan! (No question mark)

I can't wait to be finished with FLL.

How is that Spongebob program? Does it help you (ok, me) with proper punctuation? ;-)

At 10:28 PM , Blogger Dy said...

Wow, Brogan! Way to take on Second Grade! That's fantastic. Thanks for sharing a peek at your school year with us.


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