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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Open House- Preschool

Welcome to our Open House!

I really should have done this last September, when school started. But that month was so chaotic, and then it slipped my mind completely.

So here we are in March, practically the end of the school year. I'll be telling you what we
did this year, rather than what we were going to do.

In my state, we are required to name our school, as we are technically an unaccredited private school. So our official name is: Veritas Classical Academy.

Yes. I know. It's bland. And boring. But I thought it would look better on a diploma than " ________ Juvenile Correctional Facility" or "________ School for Wayward Boys."

In our school, Colson is still a preschooler. He's begin kindergarten this fall, but it'll look a lot like what we're doing now.

(Sorry. He was having a bit of a wild hair day.)

Reading: We're using "Phonics Pathways" for reading. I used it with Braden and Brogan, so it's not so intimidating now. Colson's currently working on blending short vowel words. (cat, bed, doc, etc.)

Math: Colson's about halfway through Singappore 1A. We keep it pretty low-key, and only do a few minutes a day.

Music: We're working slowly through the primer level of Faber Piano Adventures. The rule at our house is that you may have a "real" piano teacher after you've finished the primer level with Mom.

He also does a few minutes of speech with me daily, and practices writing one letter of the alphabet each day.

It's a short day for Colson, but he's only 5. He loves being the first one done with school.

Thanks for visiting our preschool! You'll find the second grade class here tomorrow!


At 8:17 PM , Blogger zelda said...

I want to virtual pinch his little cheeks!

At 10:30 PM , Blogger Dy said...

Hey, Jacob has those wild hair days, too. He LURVES his math! I think he tolerates reading and writing just so he can do his math.


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