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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Look What We Did Today!

Yes, our trio took the plunge and recorded a real, live, professionally-mixed CD.

S., K., and I have sung together for nearly a year, and since my family is moving away (so I can pursue a solo career??) we wanted to record the songs that we've worked on so that we could remember them.

Along the way, we decided to change the focus of our CD from one that simply recorded the songs on which we've worked, to a CD that discusses our faith and the God for whom we sing. Pastor H. graciously agreed to write and record some devotional thoughts to be interspersed throughout the CD.

We recorded nine songs, seven of them we have sung for the congregation on Sundays. The other two we are saving for our "reunion tour."

You think I'm joking???

Here's the studio. It was very intimidating walking into this room. The first few songs were hard to do, I thought, because I was so nervous. The microphones used pick up every little thing, and on the playback I heard quavers and breaks that I never picked up on in "real life."

K. is the "pro" in our group. She's done this before, and she had a very calming presence.

S. was just as nervous as I, but hid it much better!


At 4:28 PM , Blogger Darin said...

yeah!!!! Are you going to have as many Final Tours as Cher now?

BTW: Did you hear about Dave Coburn?


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