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Monday, January 22, 2007

Snow Day!

We finally got our first snowfall of the year!

The boys and I had been cautiously excited all week. I say "cautiously" because even though the weatherpeople said we could expect snow this weekend - well - they'd said that before and bitterly disappointed us each time.

We woke up Sunday morning to about three inches of the beautiful white stuff, and the boys had a fantastic afternoon playing.

Here is our snow penguin. We're not sure what happened to his eye. It's under that snow.... somewhere. We'll look for it next week after the snow's melted. ~sigh~ For now, we're just pretending that he's penguin winking at us.

We have a slight hill by our house and the boys lost no time dragging the sleds out to conquer it. Colson doesn't remember any sledding from last winter, so the backyard hill was a perfect first experience. Today we went sledding on the "cool " sledding hill in town (I'll post about that tomorrow), and he handled that just fine.

And no snow experience is complete without a snowball fight. Here the boys are preparing their arsenal.

The battle is on! M. got in some early hits......

But the boys came right back, emptying their snowball stockpile.

Even Colson got in a shot or two! (Note the fear and apprehension on M.'s face.)


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